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COVID 19 Testing

In the news, they have been much about the testing of coronavirus. Diagnosing people with COVID 19 infections is the most urgent attention hence the need to increase the testing kits has also become high. Antibody tests that are starting to be available and which can identify people with signs of past infection. In this article, we will help you in sorting out the pluses and minuses to each type of test. The importance of reliable, accessible testing to screen for coronavirus has become increasingly apparent throughout COVID 19 pandemics. COVID 19 tests can be divide into polymerize chain reaction, antibody, or antigen tests.

One of the tests is the diagnostic or the PCR test. This is the test that has been speculating in every hospital in the word during the COVID 19 pandemic. This test is used by doctors to diagnose people who are currently infected with the coronavirus. In this test, a sample of your mucus is taken from the nose or throat. In the samples taken doctors to look for the genetic material of the COVID 19. The test may also use saliva as samples. The test uses the polymerize chain reaction technology, which amplifies the viral genetic materials if they are present in the samples taken. When a person is actively affected by COVID 19, the content is easily detectable. Of all the tests, the PCR test is the most reliable in testing COVID 19.

Another test is the antibody test which identifies people who have previously been infected with the COVID 19 viruses. In this test, it does not show whether the person is currently infected, which is a good way of spreading the covid19 virus through a large population. The antibody test works in a way that there is a blood test and looks for antibodies to the COVID 19 viruses. Such infectious agents like viruses, the body produces antibodies in response. The analysis provides the results after a few minutes depending on the drop of blood taken from the body. More accurate and not widely available labs that are more precise use more sophisticated antibody tests. Even if you had antibodies to the coronavirus, it is rarely unknown that you will get infected by the virus again as researchers say.

Another test for the coronavirus is the antigen test which identifies people who are currently infected with the COVID 19 virus. The test may be used as a quick test to detect the active infection on coronavirus but will not be used to diagnose the disease. It may also be used to identify people who need a more definitive test on COVID 19 virus. This test detects the virus in the nose and throat, and it looks for proteins from the virus in the sample taken. It uses rapid strep testing technology. This test gives results in a few minutes, and because of that, it can be used to check people in hospitals and their workplaces. This test helps to identify quickly whether someone is currently at risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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