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Best Practices in Healthcare Construction.

One of the most challenging projects in construction is healthcare construction. The utilities involved can be extremely complicated, and the numerous codes and regulations make the construction of a health care facility one of the hardest jobs. The job requires adequate experience and patient to make the project manageable. When the construction of the healthcare facility is taking place in an occupied facility, the work goes from difficult to extremely difficult. For every step the construction team is going to take during construction, they must be sensitive to the existing conditions and communicate expectations when around non-construction workers. In the hospital, construction will be taking place around non-construction workers who are patients and staff. This calls for the construction team to be more imperative with their communication and planning to ensure that injuries and infections do not occur. There are many things involved with the construction that can be very dangerous to patients with the immunocompromised illness. There will be dirt from excavations, sheetrock duct, and wet environments, to name a few. For best practices in healthcare construction, there must be a constant blend of investigation, planning, communication, and plan execution. Dangerous conditions can result as a result of any slight deviation from the plans agreed upon. Discussed below are some of the most significant practices that should be employed in healthcare facility construction for infection control.

Invest in technology for healthcare construction. The innovation in construction technology has made healthcare construction to be more efficient. For instance, project management software helps the construction process be more organized, and constructors can keep track of the different projects at their various stages. Construction in a healthcare facility, especially where there are patients, should be done in a very organized manner to minimize the risk of infection as much as possible. Another software that is essential for healthcare construction is field inspection software. This software helps constructors to keep track of all codes and standards of healthcare construction. With the help of field inspection software, constructors will have proper project closeout documentation.

Conduct a preliminary site. For a successful healthcare construction, there should be proper planning to ensure that everything goes as planned. One of the most crucial steps is having a good understanding of the site you are relying on. Ensure that you have confirmed the locations of utilities that you will need during the construction process, such as gas and water. Also, the construction team should note any hazardous materials or working conditions that might lead to delay or rework of the construction project. The construction should take place within the stipulated time to minimize the risk of infection among the patients. Another essential step to take is the development of a safety plan. Make sure that you develop a safety plan before the construction starts. When developing your safety plan, take note of the patients currently in the medical facility where construction will be taking place. Patients should be given the priority in the safety plan because they have a compromised immune system. All utility shutdown and switchovers must be adequately planned and should be communicated to all medical personnel.

Embarking on construction within an operating healthcare facility can be challenging. However, with the right team, the construction process can be carried on successfully when there is a good understanding of work and all necessary precautions and an understanding of the existing facility. The team should also be very patient during the planning process.

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