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A Guide to Macroalgae and Its Benefits

Macroalgae are large celled algae that come in many different forms. If you own a marine aquarium, then it is good to add macroalgae in it. There are many important roles that macroalgae performs in ocean and aquarium ecosystems. Some species of algae are great food sourcese for sea creatures that are herbivorous. Macroalgae is also about to reduce the levels of phosphates and nitrates in water. This makes them a great form of natural filtration.

There is now an increased interest in algae scrubbers and filters. WATer in an aquarium is filtered naturally through these macroalagae. It is also easy to add them to your aquarium. Macroalgae can be grown in a sump area below your aquarium or in a refugium which is mounted on the side of your main aquarium. With macroalgae growing in your refugium, it can remove pollutants in your aquarium so that species of algae which are undesirable will not grow. While macroalgae can be grown in your refugium, it can also be used as a habitat for crustaceans if you put live sand and live rock in it. If you have special delicate fish, they can use thee crustaceans for food.

There should be lighting provided for an extended period of time so that dark periods are minimized. This will help prevent CO2 production in macroalgae and will give you best results If you macroalgae is growing excessively it will be best to prune and remove it. IF you put macroalgae in your main aquarium, then you give you fish and investribrate great source of natural food. You can find many shapes and colors of macroalgae. it makes for good aquarium decoration.

The Hawaiian Halimeda plant is a spherical clump the size of a baseball. This are larger and fuller special grown in Hawaii compardd to those found in the Atlantic. To support structure within its blades, it uses calcium. Herbivores does not want to eat this kind. The lifespan of this algae is extended because of this. This is a hardy and slow growing macroalgae.

One great macroalgae for refugiums is the spaghetti algae. This type has long stiff, strands that form filamen-like clumps exactly like a ball of fishing line. With spaghetti algae in your aaquarium, you can have an excellent natural filtration that removes nitrate and phosphate easily from your tank. You grow it in a refugium, it provides a great habitat for crustaceans.

The maiden’s hair algae is another kind of macrocalgae. it looks very soft which is great to look at in your aquarium. It looks like a thick mat of bright green carpet which adds an intense green color and soft flowing motion to your arine aquarium.

These are some of the benefits of having macroalgae in your marine aquarium. Make sure to have this in yours so that your fish will reap the rewards.

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