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The Types of Intelligence Sharpened in Escape Rooms

There is a lot we learn when we are playing, even when we are not aware of the process. There are many games we have played right from our childhood. We liked the way those games used to challenge us. Even in school, as we studied to learn, there were still games from time to time. Even as we made time for games, sports, adventures on weekends and such activities, we got the chance to learn a lot. There was a lot of fun involved, but there was also a lot of learning going on. Escape rooms offer us a chance to learn through this approach that does not seem like learning.

Escape rooms come with a huge chance for you to learn, only that it all looks like fun and thrills. It presents a mental challenge, in a physical spatial context, as well interaction with other people. This shall help all the participants develop certain intelligences.

Spatial intelligence shall be well developed as soon as you start to take note of
everything in and about the room. You shall look at all the things you can move about, and all those fixed in position, and make a mental note of their location. You may need those later to solve the puzzles.

There is also the logical-mathematical intelligence developed. There shall be counting, performing some operations, solving geometrical puzzles, and the like. The logical intelligence shall be further tested when you have to see relationships between clues and locks, the sequence of puzzle solutions, and such.
When all logical explanations cease to make sense, you shall need to be most creative. This is where creative intelligence comes in handy, to help you solve what was logically impossible to solve. You will have to take several perspectives on the same problem and see how things that could not logically relate in the first place now seem to. Creativity shall thus prove indispensable at such a time.
Linguistic intelligence shall get tested and developed when you have to decipher some encoded texts and enigmatic instructions. Your linguistic intelligence gets even more developed as you get to the bottom of riddles and discuss with the team.

You will also hone your emotional, interpersonal, and collaborative intelligence, highly needed in team building exercise. When faced with such a scenario where you could easily succumb to the pressure, you will have to act differently from how you normally do. You will come to appreciate the fact that your survival can be due to the input of others in the team. The style you shall use to relate to each other and share in the process of escaping shall matter in how you manage to do so.

These are things that every employer hopes their staff get to develop when they organize for an escape room team building session.

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