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Looking for Guitar and Bass Repair Services

If you love music, you must have guitar and bass on your side. However, you have been so worried when you found out their major damages. You better look for a company to offer guitar and bass repair services. You need a company that is flexible because you want them to not only repair your guitar and bass. You also need them to repair other gadgets and instruments such as solid state, tube, keyboards, and amplifiers. You better visit the official website of Allentown Music. You will see all the services that you like to avail there.

Aside from having the capacity to repair a lot of musical instruments, you will love their speedy services. You will never have issues about the people since they are experts in the field. You even want them to offer routine maintenance. If you have a lot of musical instruments kept, you better let their people check them. If you want to avail re-stringing for your bass and guitar, you will only spend $2 per string. You also need to spend a small amount of money for the cost of strings. If you need a company that will let you rent out small PA systems, they can surely provide them to you. Just tell them if you need either powered or unpowered PA systems.

You need a team that is composed of fantastic guitar technicians. Those people must be flexible since you want them also to be good at brass and woodwind repairs. If you feel like having busted pickup, you need to consult them because they can turn the pickup into its normal sounding state. You need not only speedy but cost-effective repair services. If you think that Allentown Music is the perfect choice, you better call them today.

As you visit the official site of the company, you will find their official hotline numbers. Their agents will receive your call immediately. If you have important inquiries, you better discuss them over the phone. However, there are some inquiries that can be discussed face-to-face. You better find their address online and visit them during your most convenient time. You can surely find them somewhere in Elmwood Avenue. You also have the option to send them an electronic mail if you desire provide specific details about your repair needs. Their agents are willing to respond to your mail. You can even receive a call from them anytime soon.

If you want to subscribe to their newsletter, they will surely give you all updates. What you only need to do is to provide your email and click the ‘Subscribe’ button. If you want to visit them anytime soon, just check the map provided at the official website. You will surely be guided on where to go because the site has the exact location. If you also want to catch up with them on social media, find their official Facebook page. You can also find significant updates about them through Facebook. Just give them a call now if you want them to serve you.

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