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Facts about Lasik Eye Surgery

A good eyesight makes one carry out his or her daily activities easily. The vision of some people is affected by a number of eye disease. Some of the conditions which affect the vision of a person include short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism. Short sightedness is whereby you are only able to see objects near you while long sightedness is whereby you are able to see far objects and not near ones. Astigamitis is whereby you have a blurred vision, and hence you cannot see clearly. A number of ways can be used to treat these diseases. Lasik eye surgery is one of those ways. The name given to an eye laser surgery is Lasik eye surgery. During the procedure, the cornea is reshaped and hence treating these eye conditions.

Two lancers are used during the procedure. A corneal flap is made using the first lancer and then the second lancer is used to lift the cornea. Lifting on the cornea depends on the eye condition being treated. Before the procedure, one is given medicines to prevent him or her from feeling any pain during the procedure. When Lasik eye surgery is performed on people suffering from eye diseases, they are able to see clearly without the use of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Not everyone who can undergo Lasik eye surgery. The person should be more than eighteen years old. Cataracts is known to cause short-sightedness in old people, and this is the reason why this procedure should not be performed on old people. When Lasik eye surgery is performed on old people, the results tend to be short-lived. Lasik eye surgery should not be performed on pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers since their refractive errors can change. The procedure should not be performed on people suffering from diabetes or arthritis. People who have one functioning eye should not undergo this surgery.

People who have a high level of nearsightedness and farsightedness should not undergo this procedure as it will not heal the eye conditions. Also, people whose have a very blurred vision should not undergo this procedure. The size of the cornea is considered when performing this procedure. The procedure can only be performed when the cornea is thick enough to create a cornel. Lasik eye surgery is ineffective to people with thin corneas.

Immeadetely after the procedure is done, you are unable to see clearly. Therefore, you are not supposed to drive yourself home. You should spend a day without working after the procedure is done. To avoid straining of the treated eyes, one should wear goggles after the procedure is done. Above are some of the facts about Lasik eye surgery.

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