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Facts About Ficus Lyrata Every Gardener Should Be Aware Of

Many homeowners and gardeners around the globe prefer the Fiddle Leaf fig for the beautification of their homes. It’s purpose and reputation is what makes a difference and hence more reason as to why most homeowners prefer it. The plant has neutral color with waxy dark green foliage that gives a positive ambiance when it comes to decorations. The maintenance and conservation cost is very low as it needs less attention, unlike other plants and flowers that we use in our homes. The plant is convenient for your home or office as you will not have to struggle about trimming or need to look for bigger space as you can decide on the size of the plant that you want. Some homeowners complain that they haven’t been successful in keeping the plant alive for long. When you fail to stick to the critical information and tips given about taking care of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant you might end up disappointed and not get the results that you wanted.

It is vital that you know the conditions that will make the plant thrive better within your home or the office. With proper conditions, however, the plant easily adapts which makes it essential for one to understand how to care for it. Apart from the fact that you will have to provide the warm and wet conditions for the Fiddle Leaf fig plant, it is vital that you also ensure it access enough light for the sufficient growth of the leafy areas. To make sure that your plant access enough light it is vital that you get to have wider windows. The plant thrives well in a room with strong and sufficient light and thus not recommended to plant if you do not have sustainable lighting. Water is among the most crucial components that will facilitate the ample growth of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant. Fiddle leaf fig is a plant that is not considered to need so much water as it can even last to two weeks without watering. It is recommended that you check on it frequently and water especially during the summer season.

The benefits of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant are so many apart for the fact that it requires limited attention to take care of it. As much as it rear to find any type of infection on the plant, it calls to be keen in order to identify any abnormality to its growth. Due to its large leaves, figs can be cleaned easily by wiping the leaves with a wet cloth. This plant could be vulnerable to some pests like aphids, mites, and whiteflies and thus vital that you be on the lookout always and take the necessary precautions.

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