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How to Pick the Best Holiday Tour for You

There’s no such thing as the best holiday tour, but there is such a thing as the perfect one for you. And your job is to determine which one it is. There is a whole range of factors that you should consider when choosing a holiday tour, from itinerary to geography to accommodation to cost and all the rest.

If you’re a first-timer in terms of booking holiday tours and are in need of tips and other helpful information, here are some:

Watching Numbers

This may be a little obvious, but yes, smaller tour groups have advantages, like being able to cover more places for sightseeing and wasting not as much time waiting for stragglers.

Reasonable Length of Stay

Avoid itineraries that require you to hop from one hotel to another every night. You don’t want to waste energy packing every morning.


Find out the hotels where the tour is booked with each destination, and see if those places fit your standards. Also, if you like discovering a new place unaccompanied after hours, make sure these hotels are located in the town or city centre.


Know which specific sights you want to see as some excursions will only drive by certain attractions or pause for photo ops rather than actually letting you explore. Make sure you can actually touch and feel that one item from your bucket list instead of having to look at from a bus window.

Restaurants and Bars

If you love dining out, by all means, look for itineraries that feature bespoke dining experiences instead of the usual hotel buffets. You’ll want to be able to dine at restaurants of your choice or even at a private home that will showcase local dishes or some nice views.

Making New Friends

Going on a tour means spending big chunks of time with people, so before you choose a package, get a vibe of their profiles of other travelers – age range, where they’re from, singles vs. couples, etc. – who might be interested in the itinerary you’ve chosen. Of course, it would be great to travel with people you are likely to be friends with.

Your Budget

How much a tour costs isn’t always equivalent to its quality, but without a doubt, you need to know what your costs will be. With some tours, all sightseeing will be included in the price, while others will let you customize your own package. Check how much group time there will be against you time as this can also affect the total price of the tour. Finally, make it a point to know every detail so you can avoid unexpected costs that can cause issues during the tour and even after.

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