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An Employment Lawyer’s Words About At-Will Employment

What is meant by at-will employment?
You are considered an at-will employee if you have the freedom to quit anytime you want to. However, you are not the only one with freedom here since your employer can also fire you anytime he or she likes to regardless of whatever reason he or she have. There is a tendency for you to be branded as an at-will employee if you have the freedom to freely say things to your boss including quitting at any time.

Some of the important things that you need to take note of as an at-will employee are:

When you will be fired, there is no need for an employer to tell you what the reason may be, and you will not be able to say that it is a wrongful termination to let you go.
No matter how your boss will fire you, it should certainly not be of any illegal reasons such as discrimination of one’s nationality, medical condition, religion, race, and sexual orientation, even if you are an at-will employee.
If you are protected with a leave of absence, your boss is also not allowed to fire you for that reason.
So, can your boss still fire you without any reason at all?
There are cases when your boss can fire you without any reason at all, or at least he can claim that it is without any reason at all. Firing you in a whim is a privilege that your boss has even if you always come to work on time, is able to appease everybody with all the things that they need especially the customers, and even if you always do a good job.

If you are not legally bound by a contract, then your boss can fire you anytime, especially if you are unable to show an implied contract or an express contract.

Describe an express contract
In case there is an employment contract, the employer cannot get rid of an employee easily even if he wants to. Dismissal of an employee would have to be of good cause as it is written in the employment contract which means that there should be a fair reason why an employee should be fired and not just any personal reason or something like that. When a case such as this reaches the court, the court will try to determine if you have damaged the ability of the employee to efficiently and profitably run the business.

A contract that is implied
The other type of contract is an implied contract which is not a written contract but is still considered as an existing one. In order to dismiss you, the employer should have a good cause since the implied contract is a legally binding contract between two parties.

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